Big House Designs

Where the big house meets the house of fashion

Big House Designs is a half-hour comedy-drama about a troubled but shrewd political wife slash reformed beauty queen who partners with an incarcerated fashion designer to create and launch the most celebrated and inclusive new brand in the fashion industry. Armed with an Ivy League education, a flair for business, and powerful connections, and bolstered by her new partner’s singular vision and talent, she aims to prove that, at least in this case, the clothes really do make the woman. Working against her are the obstruction of her husband — the newly elected Governor of Texas — and his powerful father; a “law and order” criminal justice bureaucracy that prizes the status quo; and the temperament of her intriguing new partner. Big House Designs will explore race, class, gender, and identity at the crossroads of haute couture and the American federal prison system.

Created By Amy R. Martin & Khris Baxter.

Pilot and pitch available upon request.