Who We Are

Who We Are

Founded by Khris Baxter, Lost Mountain Entertainment was established on the principle that the best stories are universal. Lost Mountain develops original and adapted material, with a focus on scripted television series and feature films that speak to a global audience.

Prior to Lost Mountain, Khris Baxter co-founded and managed Boundary Stone Films. BSF developed and financed a wide range of projects in partnership with Cross Creek Pictures and Crystal City Entertainment. Boundary Stone‚Äôs most recent film was Above the Shadows, written and directed by Claudia Myers and featuring Olivia Thirlby, Alan Ritchson, Jim Gaffigan, and Megan Fox.

Khris brings decades of writing, producing, and teaching experience to Lost Mountain. He enjoys working with both seasoned and emerging writers to help shape and develop their ideas into compelling television and film.

Amy Martin is a producer and screenwriter for Lost Mountain. She began her career in acquisitions and business development for a professional publisher, working closely with authors, and honed her skills in the global communications and public relations industry. A published essayist and literary critic, Amy also holds a dual MFA in creative nonfiction and writing for the stage and screen. She has more than two decades of screenwriting experience for both television and film. Her eclectic portfolio includes a light procedural spec script, several literary adaptations and period pieces, and contemporary female-forward dramedies. 

Amy enjoys conceiving and writing stories for the big and small screen, staying abreast of developments in the entertainment industry, and helping other writers tell their stories more effectively in order to reach a wide audience. 

Why Lost Mountain?

Lost Mountain is an homage to the mountain by the same name located near our office in the Virginia Piedmont. But it also implies something else, something elusive and mysterious, like the wonderful stories we doggedly search for and seek to bring to life, many of which are often shrouded in fog and just beyond the next ridge, but well worth the journey.