Mile Zero

Smuggling is a drug

Inspired by true events, Mile Zero, set in the late 1970s and early 1980s, is a gritty crime series about a resourceful teenager who turns to smuggling drugs in the Florida Keys after his adoptive parents deem him a perpetual fuck-up and kick him out. 

Determined to make something of himself and prove his parents wrong, Jack Tyler leaves D.C. for Key West, where he quickly learns that everyone seems to be in on the smuggling game — from the waiters and bartenders to the fire chief and even the mayor. He partners with Eddie Cardenas and rises through the ranks of Eddie’s father Octavio’s syndicate, finally finding the purpose and belonging he craves.

Before long, however, marijuana smuggling morphs into the far more deadly and dangerous world of cocaine smuggling, and the boys attract the attention of law enforcement, including Jack’s adoptive father, FBI Special Agent Don Tyler. In over his head, and questioning his chosen path and its consequences, Jack must navigate a constant barrage of jealous partners and competitors, fueled by unbridled lust for money and power; family rivalries; and corrupt cops and agents.

Mile Zero is the end of the Great American Highway. And for many, Mile Zero is where the pavement finally runs out. Only Jack can decide if it’s the end of the road for him.

Written by John H. Cunningham and Khris Baxter.

Pilot and pitch available upon request.