Hobson’s Choice

Drama in the highest court

Out of more than 10 million lawsuits filed in the United States each year, the Supreme Court decides fewer than 100. Hobson’s Choice is about the men and women who are hell-bent on getting their cases to the High Court—and the one woman who knows how to make it happen.

Laura Hobson stands alone—the top woman Supreme Court advocate in the country. In truth, she’s one of the only women in the job—an exclusive club that otherwise looks like the Iowa caucuses: old, male, and white. Underappreciated at the white-shoe DC law firm where she has toiled away, Laura finally wakes up, walks out, and vows to start her own firm.  

But Laura soon realizes she a problem, several actually: no office, no employees, no clients, and no idea how to build a law firm. As our story unfolds, she cobbles together a team of brilliant and deeply flawed lawyers and a series of headline-grabbing cases—cases destined for the High Court and that take on the status quo on guns, the death penalty, sexual harassment, cryptocurrency, and more. And if she makes history in the meantime? Well, that’s just the job. 

Created by Khris Baxter & Paul Thompson.

Pilot and pitch available upon request.